What Are The Essential Things One Should Know About Using Private Note?


The work will come in progress in a non-invasive manner through which you can easily add private notes and take a quick guide on it. When you add a note as the first (привнот), it will only come when you open a ticket on the private note section. Now the next step is to click on the add note, and by clicking on it, you will get complete information regarding the content.
Rich in text
It is rich in the text as well as comes with high formatting and highlighting through which you can present it, and you have to Click on the attachment button. There is a popup sound that comes and appears in a dialogue box through which you can easily choose a file and browse all the content easily. There are some files present in it through which you can select the information and click on the attachment icon folder.
Choosing a right file
When choosing an appropriate file, you need to click on the file and open it to notify all the information. There is a term called notify agent field through which you can log in to agents and receive all the information shortly.
Make it private or public
If the content is visible to the customer, it comes under the public section, and if you want to make it private, you need to click on the private button to make it. By clicking on add notes and resolving all the information by using add note then, you will be able to secure and save your information.
Some special types of agents use the function key for opening the private note and using tickets with multiple agents. It is a new feature associated with private Notes through which you can notify things, and everything will appear on the desktop.