The History of Tacos: A Comfort Food Classic


Tacos are probably the most favored Mexican meals on earth. But in which do they are derived from? Contrary to popular notion, tacos are not a meal that began in Mexico. Rather, these are something in the social exchange between your native folks of Mexico along with the Spanish conquistadors. Let’s consider a closer look at the past of tacos and how they came to be this sort of cherished food items such as the Birria Tacos Portland.

The historic journey of Tacos

The very first tacos have been made using thinly sliced components of beef that have been made over a comal or griddle. These meats tacos had been then wrapped in corn tortillas and eaten with all the hands and wrists. The phrase “taco” in fact emanates from the Nahuatl phrase “taco,” which suggests “one half” or “in the middle.” This is probable in research to the point that the tortillas were actually folded by 50 % to enclose the filling.

Tacos initially gained popularity in Mexico throughout the colonial period. At the moment, there was clearly a big influx of Spanish settlers in Mexico. These settlers helped bring together numerous new elements, such as grain flour, that has been accustomed to make tortillas. The mixture of Mexican and Spanish elements and food generated the creation of several new food, which includes tacos.

Tacos continuing to acquire popularity in Mexico and in the end manufactured their way to other places, for example the United States. In America, tacos are often offered with terrain beef, lettuce, dairy products, and sour cream within a smooth flour tortilla. Nevertheless, there are various different versions of tacos around the world. As an example, in Latin America, it can be present with locate tacos filled up with fish or fowl. Meanwhile, you might find tacos filled with curried fresh vegetables or grilled lean meats in Asian countries.


Whether or not you want them traditional or using a twist, there’s no question that tacos are tasty. And as you now know somewhat regarding their history, it is possible to value them a lot more! So next time you’re going for a taco (or two), keep in mind to contemplate all the various cultures that have led to which makes this meal what exactly it is nowadays.