The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Each Type Of Blow Dryer


A lot of people think that blow drying their locks may be the quickest and easiest method to get it dried out, but in fact, it might be quite damaging to the locks or even done properly. The secret is to use the cheapest setting achievable and keep the Nume Hot Tools blow dryer shifting so it doesn’t be in one location Curling wand for too long.

How you can effectively utilize a blow dryer:

●Start off through a cloth to remove just as much humidity through your locks as you can.

●Then, contain the blow dryer about six inches out of your head and slowly and gradually relocate it all around.

●For those who have time, it’s best to let your hair air dried up for about portion of the way well before while using blow dryer.

By simply following these tips, it is possible to lessen the damage due to blow drying out and maintain your hair healthy and searching its best.

The different types of blow dryers:

In relation to blow dryers, there are three major types to pick from ionic, porcelain ceramic, and tourmaline.

●Ionic blow dryers operate by utilizing adverse ions to break up water substances, resulting in more quickly drying time.

●Porcelain ceramic blow dryers use infrared heating to dried out locks gently with out leading to problems.

●Tourmaline blow dryers use both negative ions and infra-red temperature to dry head of hair easily and properly.

Which meets your needs?

●Each type of blow dryer features its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s essential to find the one who finest meets your needs.

●Ionic blow dryers will be the swiftest, but they may be unpleasant on fine locks.

●Porcelain ceramic and tourmaline blow dryers are milder, nonetheless they will take lengthier to dry hair.


Blow drying the hair can be quick and easy, but it’s essential to make it happen appropriately to prevent damage. Utilizing the most affordable establishing achievable and maintaining the blow dryer shifting, you can decrease the danger of damage. You will find three primary types of blow dryers to pick from, every single with its individual advantages and disadvantages. In the end, the very best form of blow dryer is the one which works well with you.