Armitage Shanks – The One Stop Solution for Sanitaryware


Because its founding in 1817, Armitage shanks continues to be the main thing on toilet advancement. These days, the corporation gives a variety of bathroom methods to meet the requirements of each and every sort of consumer. From lower-flush lavatories that conserve h2o to touchless lavatories that promote health, Armitage shanks has a toilet solution for anyone.

Lower-Flush Lavatories

Just about the most preferred types of toilets from bathroom suites is definitely the low-flush lavatory. Very low-flush bathrooms use much less normal water than standard bathrooms, which makes them an eco friendly selection for home owners and businesses as well. In addition to being eco-warm and friendly, low-flush toilets could also help you save money on your own water monthly bill.

Touchless Bathrooms

Another popular form of toilet from Armitage shanks is the touchless bathroom. Touchless bathrooms are created to market health by reducing the necessity to feel any area of the lavatory along with your hands and wrists. This is especially crucial in general public restrooms where many people make use of the exact same potty. With a touchless lavatory, you can rest assured that you’re always using a clean and sanitary bathroom.

Business Toilets

Armitage shanks now offers a wide range of industrial lavatories. Professional bathrooms are designed for high-targeted traffic places including offices, accommodations, and restaurants. These are designed to stand up to heavy use and abuse while still supplying a comfy and sanitary experience for users.


Irrespective of what your preferences are, Armitage shanks carries a toilet solution for you. From reduced-flush bathrooms that preserve drinking water to touchless lavatories that advertise health, it comes with an Armitage shanks bathroom that is great for your home or office. With more than 200 many years of expertise in toilet advancement, you can be sure understanding that you’re receiving the very best merchandise if you select Armitage shanks.