5 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Lithium Trolling Motor Battery


If you’re considering a brand new trolling motor battery, there are some variables you’ll want to look at before making your acquire. With this article, we’ll discuss five of the most basic things to consider before purchasing a Lithium Trolling Motor Battery. By the end of this post, you’ll have a greater idea of what sort of battery suits your preferences.

5 various things to consider when choosing a lithium trolling motor battery:

1.The initial aspect to consider is when typically you’ll be utilizing your trolling motor. Should you just use your trolling motor on occasion, then a steer-acid battery could be a better option for you since they’re more affordable. Nonetheless, when you use your trolling motor regularly, then you’ll would like to choose a lithium battery since these people have a for a longer time life expectancy and can hold up against much more repeated use.

2.Another essential step to think about is when very much weight your fishing boat can carry. Lithium batteries are significantly lighter than direct-acid power packs, thus if body weight is a problem to your motorboat, then lithium is the way to go.

3.You’ll also want to consider no matter if you need a strong-cycle or commencing battery. Should you only require a battery for occasional use, then the starting battery may be enough. Even so, if you are considering with your trolling motor for too long intervals or even in rough conditions, then you’ll need a deep-pattern battery.

4.Another thing to bear in mind is the fact lithium electric batteries need additional care and servicing to extend their life expectancy. For instance, you’ll have to prevent overcharging and discharging them as well regularly. If you’re not more comfortable with executing this kind of routine maintenance, a guide-acid battery could be a better option for yourself given that they demand a lot less care.

5.Finally, you’ll must take into account what size battery you want. This will depend on the size and kind of boat you have as well as exactly how much potential you will need through your trolling motor. The good news is, most companies allow it to be simple to find out what dimensions battery you want through providing sizing maps on their websites or even in their product or service instructions.


There are a lot of factors to consider before investing in a new trolling motor battery. By finding the time to think about your needs and do some research, you can rest assured to choose the appropriate sort of battery for the vessel and your finances.